Words and Images

The Car Shop Contradiction

The car shop’s garage was a place full of contradictions: wet but warm, manly with a feminine touch, old but new. Seeing and feeling all of these contradictions excited me. As I ventured through the dungeon like garage I could smell the sweet aroma of gas and oil. Soon I grew tired of the poorly lit automobile haven and began my departure. Until something caught my attention… a light brown door that smelled of cedar. The moment my fingers touched the hard bumpy texture of the door my mind filled with questions and compliments. Who made this door? What`s beyond this door? The questions flowed through my mind until I stopped myself. I began to remember why the door attracted me in the first place, it was not because of it’s beauty but it was the mystery it held. Who knows what could be beyond the door?  Could be gold, silver, or maybe diamonds? It could be a passage to the gates of Heaven or Hell. Oh how I would love to know what lies beyond, but if I was to open this door it would lose the mystery it held and therefore it`s beauty. Finally, after thinking it over I opened the door. — by Andre


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