Words and Images


I took my first step out of library, into the winter breeze. I found myself in a wet, unwelcoming puddle. All around me was soaked with the remains of the snowstorm that occurred over the past week. Paths covered in slick ice, and slush. Old architecture flooded the streets and the mad faces of pedestrians that passed made me uncomfortable.

Colorful patterns of rain boots and umbrellas surrounded me while people hurried to get to a warmer destination. I wandered into a quaint little coffee shop. A sweet comforting aroma filled my lungs and soothed me with a warm passion. I shared an enlightening expression with the many other people in the shop. Laughter over a hot cup of mocha, soft music playing faintly in the background; everyone brought together because of the wet cold day. Different cultures, different stories, everyone sharing happiness and laughter in such a small place. As I was leaving the coffee shop a sweet old lady in a parking garage gave me a smile. I ricochet the gesture and continued on my way further into the cold city.

Observing the place around me, I saw a giant mural painted onto the side of a building. As I got closer, I noticed how magnificent it really was, vibrant colors and delicate designs, hard work and skill, patients. This incredible artwork contrasted with the rest of the dull city. It filled me with hope and the inspiration to create something beautiful in the midst of such a mess. — by Angie


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