Words and Images

Forbes and 25th

I will forever remember the intersection at Forbes and 25th avenue. At this intersection, my views on life were changed and for that I am truly thankful. I walked down the slippery sidewalks covered with smooth ice and slushy snow. I watched the cars as they raced by me. I looked at the stair cases that lead up to the beautiful doors that reminded me of a long road leading into a vibrant sun set. It was then that I realized something. I realized that all of the individuality in the world is in this world for a reason. I believe the reason is so that everyone will see the artistic abilities of people and nature. Everything that is interesting to me may not be interesting to other people and what I see may not be what others see. I also realized how we, as people and as an economy, have evolved. From the old days to new ones. Old cars to new cars. Older buildings and doors ready to fall off of their hinges, to modern exciting buildings and gorgeous doors with exotic gold colors. On that day in January at the intersection of Forbes and 25th avenue, I felt a sense of a different perspective. A perspective that wasn’t my own. A perspective that had appeared out of nowhere, and startled me. The fact that not everyone saw what I saw and the fact that I didn’t understand why they didn’t see what I saw is what startled me. The sense of perspective made me think. Using other people’s perspectives, ideas, and artistic abilities can help me to partially understand that the world is one big piece of art waiting to be fully understood and discovered. — by Danasia


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