Words and Images

She Walked Down These Streets

She walked down these streets thinking, how could anybody accept these things. When she walked it was cold. As she walked she thought and noticed it was silent. While she came to a crosswalk she looked to the right noticing a burned building and a wire fence beside it. The building once had windows that are now blocked by wood. A perfect door that is still there but has two guards. A fence and a block of wood nailed. She felt scared and abandoned with her boots, gloves, packed pants, and warm, puffed coat on. She kept walking and saw a mural. She thought, the mural makes her warm and full of love, but then she looked around the neighborhood and felt cold, scared, and lost.  She started her journey again and came upon something she had seen and heard before, but it was not the same.  It was a bell, black, just like the fence around it.  She stopped to look for a while, and moved on, until she came across a wire fence again, but this wire fence had a sign. A danger sign. Danger at the top, and other words at the bottom.  She thought if she were caged in that fence she would feel like she was in prison.  Erasing that thought, she kept walking, and then stopped because she saw a once good couch and baby toys.  She knew that the couch was once jumped on and slept on.  She knew the toys were the best toys that the children had played with, and that now they have grown up. They might be taking care of the person that had thrown them out.  Continuing on her journey, she realized that it was a calm and gentle neighborhood, and she was happy to have experienced it. — by Jordyn


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