Words and Images

Faded Smile Endless Beauty

She looked out of her window and her smile faded. But was it the slush on the ground, the gray in the sky or her own confined be-wilderness? No longer was she happy and bubbly, now those memories were filed of sorrow and depression. All she saw were buildings covered with trees and withered in vines. And the scent of Grandma’s sweet apple pie was replaced by winter morning’s gloomy, moldy musk. But that look, the facial expression I saw when I glanced upon her face was not only confused but it was tampered by the sounds that she could not hear. It was upsetting to me, to watch her become so confined and trapped within her windowpane, and even worse it forced her day after day to see but one scene. And I thought it sinful of that scene to leave her happiness as nothing but a forgotten memory and shake her world like an unwelcomed twist of fate. In her eyes she saw darkness and despair and she heard nothing simply because she failed to see earth’s clear endless beauty. — by Nodia


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