Words and Images

Winter Colors, Reflecting Tree and Shadowy Tree

I am walking along through downtown Tacoma on a nippy Saturday morning. My shoes are not made for the murky weather and I am freezing cold. My hands, reddened by the chill, are shaking while they try to capture any kind of interesting angle. The streets are dripping wet with slushy puddles of snow that is, seemingly, trying to melt away. Trapping in my lens trees through a half kept white picket fence. Or catching sight of a reflecting barren tree branch swaying eerily in a windowpane. Damp, icy stairwells leading to unwelcoming doors. A neglected couch lies on the sidewalk. Lonesome once loved plastic toys strewn about it. Over a chain linked fence hangs a lonely mailbox, just waiting. Lurking behind it weighted down shrubbery sits framing an old and dreary apartment building. His moss-covered bricks sigh, sorry for their rundown appearance. Overgrown entrances detached and gray. A long since forgotten shelter boarded up, closed off. The pouring rain does nothing for the already sullen streets. The slippery curbs make my steps unsure. I’m sliding and stumbling. The soggy wet soaking my toes. Yuck! Unexpected glimpses of hopeful red peer at me in archways and window frames. — by Ranan


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